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Mission Discovery

Well, as you well know, all non-profits exist on the generosity of others. Right now, Higher Orbits biggest project is Mission Discovery. I am very excited that we have so many Mission Discovery events scheduled for this summer.

As you may know, one of the very unique things about Mission Discovery is that out of each event/camp (call it whatever you prefer) we will pick the best experiment to be launched into space to the International Space Station! I certainly wish I could’ve done something like that when I was that age!


Obviously you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (sorry couldn’t resist!) to recognize that launching something into space doesn’t happen without cost.

So with that in mind…

Higher Orbits is working to find some sponsorships for our 2014 summer Mission Discovery programs. There are a variety of ways that this can be done and I’d be happy to discuss any and all options with anyone who is interested. Please don’t think that any amount of sponsorship is too little from a company. Every dollar helps! Likewise, we are also looking for individual donations that we will pool to fund scholarships for deserving students to attend Mission Discovery at the various locations. Here’s a blog that tells you more about how you can make a donation.


Corporate Sponsor? Here’s a list of sponsorship opportunities and the benefits that go with them!


Please consider helping in any way you can… our next generation of Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians and Leaders are counting on you!

…..and please spread the word! 🙂

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