No Excuses!

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 No Excuses! So, I realize that this blog will not seem spacey entirely, and it isn’t. But I hope it does give you some food for thought.     Some of you don’t know me that well, or perhaps really at all for that matter, so let me start off with some background for you. […]

STS-114 Halloween Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

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First off – the featured image is from none other than the awesome Liz Warren. Every year Liz does a cool space pumpkin. Such talent! Bravo! Just wanted to take a moment and give a quick Happy Halloween as well as a shout out to my mom…. You see, there’s not a single Halloween that […]

Space Camp Badge

Space Camp – Part 1: Memories

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I will never forget watching the movie Space Camp in the mid-80s. I was already in love with space and now I was finding out about this amazing place that is a camp all about space! Needless to say I really really wanted to go! At first I wasn’t old enough so I counted the […]

With Janice Voss

Janice Voss

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Given the launch of Orb-2 today, which was named SS Janice Voss, it seemed like a great time to blog about the astronaut I will eternally be grateful to for providing me the opportunity to see my first ever space shuttle launch live and in person…. This is a story that deserves a little back […]


Exercise! Astronauts Do It – Do You?

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Well with this blog I am going to admit that I’m writing it at the encouragement of some other friends of mine who are much wiser in the realm of social media etc. than I am. They pointed out that some of my followers on this twitter account might be interested to learn more about […]

Meteor Shower

Bummed I Missed An Opportunity…

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Have you ever noticed that smoke detector batteries always fail in the middle of the night? Well they do at our house at least. And the kicker of it is that when they do it starts yelling at you every minute something along the lines of….. CHIRP! LOW BATTERY! CHIRP! Then as you pull out […]



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The Movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney… I am sorry folks – I really wanted to like this movie but the short answer of what did I think of the movie is…. It was bad. It was just bad. As I said in my first tweet about this – I am not sure […]

Naval Institute

I’m So Excited!

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I’m so excited…. and I just can’t hide it!! For all of you who I’ve now gotten that song stuck in your head, I do apologize, it’s just that I’ve been singing it since I woke up this morning! I am so excited! Every year the Naval Institute hold a big conference at the Naval […]