Star Beads

Lucky Star Swag Bags

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If you’ve taken a look at the Cosmic Cocktails Eventbrite page – – you may be wondering… “What in the World are Lucky Star Swag Bags?” Lucky Star Swag Bags are an idea conceived from some work I did with a previous organization’s fundraising event. The idea being that you buy a string of […]

Valpo Scholarship Winners

Next Round of Scholarship Winners!

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I’m excited to announce some more scholarship winners that will be attending Mission Discovery Valparaiso University… Rynelle Castellino of Cathedral High School has the goal of working of NASA and becoming an astronaut. She has been inspired by Kalpana Chawla’s hard work, determination and courage. One of the things that I absolutely loved about her […]

Cosmic Cocktails

Cosmic Cocktails & Blastoff Brunch

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For those of you who know me, you might know that I happen to love event planning in addition to my love of space. I figured, why not combine the 2 in an effort to raise money to provide scholarships for deserving students to Mission Discovery?! So… I present to you…. Cosmic Cocktails & Blastoff […]

Mission Discovery


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Well, as you well know, all non-profits exist on the generosity of others. Right now, Higher Orbits biggest project is Mission Discovery. I am very excited that we have so many Mission Discovery events scheduled for this summer. As you may know, one of the very unique things about Mission Discovery is that out of […]

A Great Umbrella

A Great Umbrella!

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I feel fortunate today to announce that Higher Orbits has an umbrella to thank for helping us out… Now that may sound a little odd to you that I am thankful for an umbrella (especially given that it’s not raining!) but let me explain… There is a wonderful group in California called EEG (a non-profit […]


Exercise! Astronauts Do It – Do You?

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Well with this blog I am going to admit that I’m writing it at the encouragement of some other friends of mine who are much wiser in the realm of social media etc. than I am. They pointed out that some of my followers on this twitter account might be interested to learn more about […]

WAI 25

Women In Aviation

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What a treat it was to get to attend the 25th annual Women in Aviation Conference at Disney in Orlando. This conference is always an amazing gathering of so many fantastic women! I am honored to have been part of it! The first time I ever got to attend the Women in Aviation conference, it […]


Once a Brickie, Always a Brickie

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Well for all of you who are not from “The Region” I am sure that you are wondering – what the heck is a Brickie?! Don’t worry, I will get into that more in a bit but first I want to tell you about my incredible day at Hobart High School… Perhaps it deserves a […]

Scholarship Winners

Announcing Our First Scholarship Winners

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One of the big reasons that I wanted to create Higher Orbits was to be able to offer opportunities for students to attend programs that they might not otherwise be able to attend. One of the obvious ways to do this is through scholarships. Clearly Mission Discovery is a program that I am incredibly vested […]

Meteor Shower

Bummed I Missed An Opportunity…

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Have you ever noticed that smoke detector batteries always fail in the middle of the night? Well they do at our house at least. And the kicker of it is that when they do it starts yelling at you every minute something along the lines of….. CHIRP! LOW BATTERY! CHIRP! Then as you pull out […]